Banana banana bread

Banana banana bread 1

This >You can also enjoy this bread plain, with chopped walnuts, or perhaps choc chips . Ideal for breakfast or dessert!

Do you finish track of a lot of overripe bananas located on your counter in the finish each week? Just me?

Honestly, I really like bananas but we usually buy a lot of at the shop after which finish track of a lot remaining. My personal favorite way to utilise all individuals overripe bananas? This homemade blueberry bread recipe!

Besides this being bread perfectly sweet, however it stays moist for several days. No dry blueberry bread any place in sight. You may enjoy this bread plain or add some chopped walnuts or perhaps choc chips. Nevertheless, you allow it to be, this really is one recipe that you’ll wish to continue hands!

To create this blueberry bread you’ll begin with some all-purpose flour, baking powder, sodium bicarbonate, ground cinnamon, and salt. With regards to the flour, make certain to spoon and level it to your calculating cup rather of scooping it from the container. Should you scoop your flour from the container, you are able to finish track of a significant amount of flour inside your recipe along with a super dense loaf of blueberry bread.

For that wet ingredients, you’ll cream together some butter, granulated sugar, and brown sugar until it’s light colored and fluffy. Then, you’ll add some eggs and vanilla flavoring.

You’ll be also using two glasses of mashed blueberry within this recipe. It might appear like lots of blueberry, but it’s what keeps this blueberry bread super moist. Remember that the riper the bananas, the greater with regards to blueberry bread!

When I pointed out earlier, you may enjoy this blueberry bread plain or stir in certain of the favorite mix-ins. I really like adding either chopped walnuts or perhaps small choc chips for this bread!

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