Catfish recipes

Catfish recipes 2

Fried catfish is definitely an icon of Southern cooking: For a lot of, there simply isn’t every other method to get it ready. Arguments rage over whether it’s best deep-fried, battered, breaded with cornmeal, or maybe even simply dredged in flour. This, in my opinion, is really a healthy debate.

Now I really like a great beer batter, and a few fish are best with this simple dredge of flour. Although not catfish. Catfish need breading. Cornmeal breading.

There’s something in regards to a cornmeal crust that actually sings with catfish. Maybe it’s the mixture of the truly American fish having a truly American grain.

This can be a simple dish, but there’s a couple of secrets of good fried catfish: Herbal, and also the right breading. If you’ve ever endured saturated, greasy catfish, it’s since the oil is simply too cold. You would like it around 350 levels. And employ peanut oil if you’re able to — it adds lots of flavor. (Lard is even better… just sayin’.)

For that breading, use fine, white-colored cornmeal if you’re able to think it is. This, sadly, isn’t necessarily easy outdoors the South. Even without the fine, white-colored cornmeal, make use of the regular stuff after some flour. Unless of course it’s finely ground, an exciting-cornmeal crust tastes gritty.

For seasoning, what we should provided below is exactly what I love to use you should use whatever seasoning you would like, out of your own concoction to Lawry’s to Zatarain’s, Old Bay or maybe even lemon pepper.

Serve your catfish with anything you want, but typically you’d want cole slaw and hush young puppies, which, if you’ve never heard about them, really are a fried cornmeal dumpling. Hot sauce quietly, too.

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