Greek potatoes

Greek potatoes 1

The most wonderful crispy roasted taters which are applied having a fantastic homemade Greek seasoning blend! Perfect like a side dish for almost any meal!

Regular roasted taters are perfect, however the right seasonings can definitely bring them outrageous. Rather from the traditional garlic clove and herbs, I made my very own Greek seasoning blend… that is fabulous on A lot of things!

Have you got a go-to side dish? For all of us, it’s been taters. We like them in almost every form! Potato wedges, mashed potatoes… take your pick. Up to lately I’d never had the ability to obtain the perfect roasted taters lower though.

These were always well seasoned and attractive, but never with this beautiful crispiness. As it happens, I had been missing one crucial step!

The thing is, you will find basically 3 primary “rules” to follow along with to make sure amazing crispy taters.

  • Make use of a large or huge baking sheet. The taters must have room among them, otherwise they’ll kind of steam rather of roasting.
  • Begin with a warm pan. Whenever you preheat your oven, incorperate your baking sheet therefore it gets hotter combined with the oven. Whenever you add some taters, they ought to sizzle!
  • Soak your taters first. This will get rid of a lot the starch, that is what keeps non-drenched taters from getting ridiculously crispy. Once you soak them, provide them with a rinse with clean cold water. This is actually the step I had been missing!! Make certain you dry the taters later on. Wet taters won’t crisp up!

I discovered the soaking step from Rachel from the site She’s some fabulous recipes, so stop on over and try them out!

About 40 minutes, stirring or turning the taters over after 25 minutes. I understand it’s tiresome, but I love to turn use tongs to show each potato over… this way I’m able to ensure every single potato is crisped on sides!

You are able to absolutely roast these taters inside a trusty surefire skillet! Just preheat the skillet around the stovetop or perhaps in the oven because it pops up to temperature, and stick to the recipe as written.

My personal favorite part about these oven roasted taters may be the crispiness… BUT, a really close second may be the homemade Greek seasoning blend! It’s not only amazing on these taters, but you may also apply it to chicken, pork, beef, eggs, or combine it with some fresh lemon juiceOrwhite vinegar and essential olive oil to create a fabulous vinaigrette!

Next time you’re searching to have an amazing side dish that’ll be a household favorite, give these Greek roasted taters a go!!

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