Homemade cranberry sauce

Homemade cranberry sauce 2

November 16, 2018 By Mike 34 Comments

An easy recipe for fresh and simple homemade cranberry sauce. Created using real whole cranberries and merely 3 other ingredients, it is really an easy traditional must-have for your forthcoming holiday dinner.

This cranberry sauce is really a holiday classic (like my roasted sweet taters) and needs a place you are cooking. Make sure to look into the brief how-to video at the end from the publish if you’re much more of a visible learner!

Who here’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner this season?

Don’t take a look at me, while I’d like to at some point, my greatest contributions to holiday get-togethers usually find the dessert table. Pecan cake , chocolate cake (having a side of homemade whipped cream!), they are my usual contributions, but lately I’ve branched out. This season, I’m on the pursuit to replace canned cranberry sauce everywhere with homemade cranberry sauce.

Are you aware how easy it’s to create homemade cranberry sauce? Only one saucepan and 4 ingredients (5 should you count water, does water count??), this recipe is easy.

No can necessary.

How Can You Make Fresh Cranberry Sauce

  • Bring sugars (use a mix of brown and white-colored to find the best flavor!), water, and orange juice to some boil
  • Add cranberries and go back to simmer
  • Prepare until berries have burst and preferred thickness continues to be arrived at.
  • Transfer to some serving dish and chill not less than 2 hrs within the refrigerator.

Some cranberry sauce recipes use just water, with no orange juice, however i highly recommend using both. The juice adds a pleasant vibrant flavor that actually makes this cranberry sauce shine.

How can you Make Cranberry Sauce Thicker?

When cooking your cranberry sauce, you are able to simmer it as being lengthy when needed after your berries burst before the preferred thickness is arrived at. Do bear in mind that the sauce will appear runnier while it’s hot and can thicken because it cools and sets.

Can Cranberry Sauce Be Produced ahead of time??

Yes! Cranberry sauce requires no less than 2 hrs within the refrigerator for it to thicken and hang correctly. However, you may make this holiday side dish up to and including week ahead of time. Be sure that you store it within an airtight container.

And that’s all there’s to creating homemade cranberry sauce, no can needed!

If you need a more visual guide you should check out my cranberry sauce video at the end from the publish. If you like these videos, please consider registering to my YouTube Funnel! A simple homemade cranberry sauce, created using fresh cranberries and merely a number of other ingredients.

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