Microwave potato

Microwave potato 2

You can spend fifteen minutes preheating your oven after which another hour baking your potato, why can you ever do this when you are able microwave your potato in 7 minutes flat??

Pat it dry

You’ll obviously have to scrub and clean your potato first. Make sure to dry them extra well so that they don’t steam an excessive amount of within the microwave.

Poke the potato.

Yes! Poking the potato helps steam escape and helps make the potato softer. This is an important step so don’t skip it!

Add too much using the toppings.

Simply because you have made meals within the microwave does not mean it cannot be exciting. If you wish to completely steer clear of the oven, stick to sauces or herbs that don’t have to be heated again. Or then add cheese and bacon and pop it during the microwave for any minute to melt.

Obviously, should you still wish to bake your baked potato, we have got your back in the room.

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