Mongolian beef recipe

Mongolian beef recipe

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Mongolian Beef that’s simple to make in only half an hour, crispy, sweet and filled with garlic clove and ginger root flavors you like out of your favorite Chinese restaurant.

Mongolian Beef is really a recipe that I’ve been cooking for clients for several years for several reasons. One, everyone loves something that tastes like Chinese takeout. Two, the sweet flavor from the brownish sugar combined with the salty soy sauce and also the strong ginger root and garlic clove is amazingly addicting and three you’re able to appreciate it more than a mountain of steamed grain, which if you’re at all like me is the happy place. This Mongolian Beef is extremely flavorful and takes just half an hour to create from beginning to end including all of the slicing from the meat! Additionally, it uses fundamental kitchen ingredients so don’t worry I’m not delivering you to definitely the shop today for oyster sauce or hoisin sauce. All things in this recipe will come in every supermarket.

Wish to complete your meals having a couple of more options?

The main one factor I wish to caution while preparing this dish is when thick you slice the steak. If you think uncomfortable with cutting the steak thinly enough and also have an hour or so approximately notice, put the steak within the freezer for just one hour. This can freeze it simply enough that slicing it will likely be as simple as slicing a vegetable. The meat will set enough that you could slice it also thinner if you’d like.

Yet another note since i know I will have this question within the comments below. Yes, you should use light brown sugar instead of brownish, you will find you will observe the flavour difference. Adding molasses towards the brownish sugar increases the depth of flavor within this dish.

Therefore if possible please use brownish sugar. If you’re in a pinch and also you have only light brown don’t worry you still possess a tasty meal. Just promise me next time you are making it you’ll use brownish sugar, the taste difference is noticeable.

Steps to make Easy Mongolian Beef:

Tools Utilized in the building of this straightforward Mongolian Beef:
Soy Sauce: Nothing much to state here except Kikkoman has got the best flavor overall and that i always recommend reduced sodium.
Wok: Ideal for high temperature, quick cooking. This wok is a superb accessory for your kitchen area if you value cooking Chinese food or stir fries generally.
Large Fry Pan: I personally use this Cuisinart for many of my non surefire cooking unless of course I’m going with a stainless-steel option, i then choose my All Clad.

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