Pig pickin cake

Pig pickin cake 1

By: Lizzy T Printed: May 27, 2017

Perk up a boxed cake mix to produce a moist, fruity layer cake by having an easy Awesome Whip frosting! This Pig Pickin’ Cake is a traditional recipe favorite.

Orange Pineapple Pig Pickin’ Cake

Today I’ve a fantastic cake recipe for you personally. I discovered this Orange Pineapple Pig Pickin’ Cake years back inside a Taste of Home cook book. I’m a pineapple lover, and so i understood this cake was for me personally. After baking it once, I had been for each other! Ever since then, we’ve shared it with lots of people, the greatest group being our church family. They love this cake and i’m requested to really make it quite frequently. That is fine beside me, as it is very easy. Alongside chocolate and peanut butter? This cake takes home the ribbon.

I understand many recipes tell you they are easy, but trust me. This pig pickin’ cake is quick, and won’t dissatisfy.

Easy Pineapple Cake with Cake Mix

You will make use of a boxed yellow cake and blend it based on the box directions. I understand some balk thinking of the cake mix, however they do make such scrumptious muffins, pancakes as well as candies. The important thing towards the moistness of the cake is adding a can of drained mandarin oranges. Just add these oranges towards the cake batter and blend to combine rid of it. Then bake the cakes because the box directs.

The joke around our home about layer cakes is there are certain family people who like to cut the dome off the top cake to make it a set layer. If you’re like us and love the top end of the cake, this cake is perfect for you. It’s the best cake to eat…with or with no frosting!

Whipped Pineapple Frosting

The frosting is equally as simple as the wedding cake. Just mix a can of drained crushed pineapple having a box of vanilla pudding. Then fold in Awesome Whip and you’re done! This is among my personal favorite cakes to create because you can’t screw up frosting it. It appears great just a little untidy.

Trust me…with a tastes such as this, nobody will mind.

Get this to awesome, refreshing Pineapple Sunset Layer Cake for any picnic this summer time!

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