Roasted radishes

Roasted radishes 2

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These simple roasted radishes create a fantastic healthy low-carb side dish. If you’re searching for something quite different, give these a go!

Are you currently a radish fan? They’re a bit sharp for me personally when they’re raw. Cooking radishes solves this problem! I love to roast them to have an easy side dish.

The colour can also be really pretty and excellent for spring.

Exactly what do roasted radishes taste like?

Cooked radishes are much milder than raw ones. Roasting them removes that sharp edge that raw radishes frequently have.

Many people on low-carb diets prefer to substitute roasted taters with roasted radishes. I don’t eat low-carb, but there’s an enjoyable fact for you personally. These roasted radishes are keto-friendly.

How you can roast radishes

Cut radishes into roughly equal pieces. Coat all of them with essential olive oil inside a roasting pan and toss with salt & pepper. Roast at 400F until they’re tender-crisp.

I finished up roasting mine for around half an hour ever since they were a little bigger (despite cutting them up).

I’d look at your radishes after fifteen minutes if yours take presctiption the smaller sized side. Additionally, it depends upon how tender you would like them to become.

We do hope you love this particular easy roasted radish recipe! Tell me within the comments below if you’ve attempted this recipe and have any queries.

I additionally designed a scrumptious summer time veggie pasta with roasted radishes a few years ago if you’re interested.

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