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Shirley Temple Drink is the greatest mocktail for everyone to kids, expecting moms, designated motorists or anybody that loves an enjoyable, sweet beverage in a party with no alcohol. They’re quite simple to create with simply three ingredients. Kids LOVE them simply because they feel fancy consuming them. This type of fun, classic non-liquor for everybody!

I really like picking out adult-beverages however i think it’s vital that you also provide non-alcoholic options like my Strawberry Virgin Margarita, Sweet Sunrise Mocktails and Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade. This season I wish to create a mocktail that’s both kid-friendly and ideal for adults so I’ll be mixing up some classic Shirley Temples!

With summer time coming, it’s time for you to start considering all of the fun summer time get-togethers with buddies and family! Memorial Day is nearly here and so the summer time formally begins so there’s no better time than how to start planning all of the fun summer time drinks.

A Shirley Temple is simply a simple three-component drink created using grenadine. It’s totally suitable for kids, but it’s additionally a great choice for adults who would like a refreshing fizzy drink with no alcohol. We also have a mixture of children and grown ups at our summer time get-togethers therefore i really feel good supplying a fun mocktail that children and grown ups will like. Plus, it’s a very cute drink for everyone and thus simple to make.

Shirley Temple Recipe From Childhood!

Shirley Temples have been in existence forever (that coffee was produced within the 1930’s!) and it’s an enjoyable and simple drink to create. I really like the ruby-red colorization and there’s nothing much better than a fizzy drink throughout the summer time.

Unlike other mocktails, Shirley Temples are ideal for kids since it was produced for any kid (hint: Shirley Temple, remember her?). I don’t what you think, however i don’t feel right serving kids a virgin margarita. Appears just a little weird, right? So, a Shirley Temple is ideal. Kids love them simply because they obtain own fancy drink and adults love them simply because they most likely loved them once they were a child!

Ingredients Required to Make Shirley Temple Drink

A Shirley Temple is really a refreshing easy mocktail that everybody will like and also the best factor is you don’t need a lot of ingredients to create one. You just need:

  • lemon-lime soda
  • grenadine syrup
  • ice
  • maraschino cherries

How Can You Get the best Shirley Temple?

It’s this kind of easy drink to create because all that’s necessary do is mix a bit of the grenadine with lemon-lime soda, pour it right into a highball glass with ice and garnish that coffee using the maraschino cherries. That’s it!

The Shirley Temple recipe I’m discussing is perfect for one drink, but it is simple to scale up for everyone more for any party. I suggest mixing the grenadine using the lemon-lime soda inside a pitcher but don’t add some ice since it will dilute that coffee. Rather, have ice and cherries nearby as well as your visitors can scoop the ice inside a glass, pour that coffee outrageous, and top it having a couple of cherries. Very easy!

Exactly what is a Shirley Temple Drink?

A Shirley Temple drink is really a classic non-liquor created using grenadine. Grenadine is really a syrup created using pomegranate which provides the syrup it’s tart flavor and also the pretty color. It’s sweetened with sugar so when you combine it with something fizzy you receive a beautiful ruby-colored drink.

I love to mix lemon-lime soda using the grenadine or substitute ginger root ale. I’ve also seen ones which have a mix of lemonade and soda water, however i think the lemon-lime soda is most effective and it’s things i always employ. I love to keep things simple because who would like to emphasize creating a drink? Not me!

Everything’s better having a cherry on the top, right? Shirley Temples are garnished with maraschino cherries that are just preserved sweetened cherries packaged in jars. You are able to drop them right on the top from the drink or slice them half-way and perch them along the side of the glass. Give a cute straw and you’re ready!

Shirley Temples are certainly kid-approved, but they’re ideal for adults, too, and serving up portions of this classic non-liquor will certainly help make your visitors smile. Who doesn’t remember getting a Shirley Temple like a kid? It had been always certainly one of my top picks but still is!

Check it out and like it? Rate it, please. All joking aside a 5-star rating below can make my day! Should you snap a photograph, make sure tag me on Instagram at @julieseatsandtreats or #julieseatsandtreats in order to visit your tasty treat!!

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