Steamed asparagus

Steamed asparagus 2


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Editor’s Note: With regards to steamed asparagus recipes, you cannot fail using the classics! This recipe for Perfectly Steamed Asparagus with Hurry-Up Hollandaise is a sophisticated accessory for almost any menu you’ve planned. You are able to serve this straightforward-to-make vegetable side dish like a savory accessory for your brunch menu, which makes it the right accompaniment to almost any egg casserole. Are you currently hosting a far more formal your meal? Then you will love whipping up this wonderful recipe for your forthcoming get-along with buddies, too. Asparagus is going to be not boring whenever you include this sauce!

Vegetables are simpler to locate now because of farmers’ markets, CSA farms, and also the supermarket shift to purchasing local produce. Home kitchens don’t need to contain high-priced cookware and gimmicky gadgets, however, many recipes are just just like the gear that they’re prepared. To obtain the most from produce like asparagus, buy a double boiler-like steamer set having a top section which has holes within the base and fits snugly in to the bottom. The space between your boiling water and the foot of the insert enables the pot to operate up a great mind of steam to transmit on to the vegetables.

Cooking Method Steaming

Kid Friendly Yes

Occasion Casual Social Gathering

Recipe Course Appetizer, Side Dish

Five Ingredients or fewer Yes

Taste and Texture Creamy, Wealthy, Savory, Tangy, Tart

Kind of Dish Vegetable


  • 1 bunch thin asparagus
  • Hurry-Up Hollandaise


Snap from the tough ends from the asparagus spears. Add water to some steamer having a steamer insert or basket water shouldn’t touch the foot of the insert. Bring water to some boil and add some asparagus towards the insert. Steam, uncovered, for 5-10 minutes.

Cover and steam for three to five minutes longer or until tender-crisp, checking from time to time for that preferred amount of doneness. Serve with Hurry-Up Hollandaise.

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